The Personnel List

The current list of all personnel that have been entered into the system can be viewed under Personnel -> Personnel in the top left navigation panel.

Personnel List

This list is sorted in ascending order by the personnel’s last name and for each user listed, we show the following high-level information so that someone can be quickly identified without having to click on the user to view their details:

  • Full Name
  • Employee Number
  • District
  • Department
  • Position
  • Level (if applicable)
  • Email
  • Phone Number

Pesonnel List User

Filtering The Personnel List

By default this list will show all users that have a status of either active but by using the available search filters, you can find personnel based off different criteria.

The main Search filter let’s you search any detail of a user. It also supports searching for a specific phrase by wrapping the search term in quotes (“) or wild card searches by prepending or appending an asterisks (*) to the search term.

Search Filter Examples:

To find all personnel that have the Service role, enter “service”.

To find all personnel that have the Hr admin role, enter “hr_admin”.

Any searches that are peformed frequently can be bookmarked help so that they can be quickly and easily accessed.

Viewing Personnel’s Summary and Calendar

For every user in the system, you can view a basic summary of their employee/contact information and their calendar schedule.

If there have been any items attached to this user’s profile, they are viewable under the attachments button on the top right side of their profile. The number of attachments will be indiciated by the number on the attachment button.

To view a personnel’s information, click the user’s name in the personnel list.

Summary Details

If you have the correct role, you will also be able to view Emergency Contact Information for personnel on the summary page.

Personnel Summary

A personnel’s calendar will show all current and previous jobs that they have been scheduled to. Along with scheduled jobs, any non-job time that they been scheduled for will be displayed.

Personnel Calendar

Exporting The Personnel List

Personnel can also be exported help if you need to download a list of users to perform futher analysis or import into a different program.

The export contains all users that are part of the currently applied filters and displayed in the personnel list. This gives the ability to customize exaclty what users are in the export for different needs.

To export pesonnel click on the Export Personnel button on the top right of the page.

Currently the exports are available in the following formats.

A Microsoft Excel version that separates the Personnel data into the following sheets:

  • A Personnel sheet that shows basic information and emergency contact details.
  • An Employment History sheet that shows the employment status history and corrsponding dates.

A CSV version that contains the same information as the Microsoft Excel version but combines the Personnel and Employment History sheets into a single, large table.