Understanding Pesonnel Utilization

An overview of how your personnel among the different districts are be used can be seen on the Personnel -> Personnel Utilization page and is separated into two different views.

The left visualization shows the percentage of how many people were in use for every day of the month being viewed. Each district is color coded so personnel can be broken down and separated by district to see how the districts are performing individually or personnel usage can cummulatively be viewed across all districts to see how well the entire company is leveraging its employees. Moving your mouse/cursor over the different days will show a popup that diplays the personnel usage breakdown for the day for all districts.

The right visualization shows a click-able bar graph for each district. Changing the Percentage and Days options adjust whether the bar graph represents the percentage of personnel used in each district or the number of days accounted for in each district. When one of these bars for a district is selected, the breakdown of how many people were leveraged for jobs in that disctrict from every district is shown.

Personnel are tied and tracked to the district that is set in their account page.

Personnel Utilizatin

Who is Tracked and How are They Tracked

The Personnel Utilization displays only represent the users that have a position that is job schedulable help . In order for personnel with a trackable position to get counted, they need to have completed a timesheet for the days they worked on a job and that time needs to be verified and approved by someone with the appropriate role.