Working With Personnel Pay Rates

The current Pay Rate matrix which shows all pay rates in Drakewell can be viewed under Personnel -> Pay Rates in the top left navigation panel.

Pay rates can be tracked for personnel who are assigned a Position that can be scheduled to a job help . Within these job schedulable positions are Levels and through this combination we can setup our Pay Rate matrix.

Personnel Pay Rates

This Pay Rate matrix will allow you to set a pay rate dollar amount for every job schedulable position and each possible level within that position. Any pay rates that are setup in this are just defaults and can be overridden by user’s with the appropriate role on the job’s Timeline page.

To edit a pay rate, click the edit icon on the right hand side of the row

Editing Pay Rates

Adding Pay Rates

The types of pay rates displayed in the Pay Rate matrix are not editable through the system. To make changes to what pay rates are tracked please contact us.