Managing Personnel Non-Job Time

The Non-Job Time calendar can be found under Personnel -> Non-Job Time in the top left navigation panel and shows all of the non-job time that has been scheduled for all users regardless of position, broken down into weekly increments.

Non-Job Time can be defined as any activity not related to going on site to perform work on a job. The current Non-Job time options include the following types:

  • Personal Leave
  • Short Term Disability
  • Training
  • Vacation

Personnel Pay Rates

For each Non-Job Time activity that is scheduled to a user, you can keep track if the activity was completed for future reference and records. A good example of this would be if you want to keep records of which personnel attending training event.

To verify a Non-Job Time activity click the Verify button next to the specific activity.

Personnel Row

To view a specific user’s calendar of all Job Time and Non-Job Time, click their name.

Double Booking

Nothing prevents personnel from have more than one thing (Non-Job Time and/or Job Time) scheduled on a single day. When this occurs we show a mulitiple event indicator (yellow triangle with a “2+”) in the bottom right corner of the days they are double booked.

Personnel Utilization

Currently Non-Job Time does not contribute or taken into account on the Personnel Utilization page.

Scheduling Non-Job Time

Non-Job Time can be scheduled for any active user and doesn’t take into account positions like Job Time Scheduling does.

To add Non-Job Time, click Schedule Personnel above the weekly personnel breakdown grid.

To edit existing Non-Job Time for personnel, click Change Schedules above the weekly personnel breakdown grid or click Edit next to the user you want to modify the schuedule for.

Scheduling Non-Job Time

Who can Schedule Non-Job Time

Managing Non-Job Time requires a specific role so by default personnel cannot manage their own Non-Job Time schedule.