Your Account Summary

Within the system you can manage your basic profile information such as account and contact information for Drakewell.

To view your account profile, click your name in the top right side of the browser and select My Account in the list.

Personnel List

From the Summary Info page, you can see some of the basic details about your account or navigate within the following different sections to view or modify other specific information.

My Account Summary

The Account section is where you are able to modify personnel contact information or change your Drakewell password.

To edit your account information, click the Account tab.

On your account page you can update your name, email, phone, physical address and if you want to provide and emergency contact person in the case of an accident.

My Account Update

Updating Your Password

Your Drakewell password help can also be modified from directly from your account page or you can have an email sent to you with instructions of how to reset your password if you cannot remember what your current password is.

My Account Password Change