Managing Personnel Roles

The HR section for a user in the system allows you to modify their Roles that they have within Drakewell.

To view and edit roles for a user, search for the user and then click on the HR tab within their account details.

Personnel HR

To assign specific roles to a user, click the checkboxes next to each role.

For each role listed, a brief description of the role might be avilable and if that permisson gives abilities that are part of a sub role(s), then they are listed below as an implied role and will be auto-selected when the role is applied.

Personnel Roles

The currently available roles and what they control are broken down below. Some of these roles provide different levels of access to the same functionality and so they will imply other roles when selected.


Role Implied Role(s) Functionality
Bid View   View bids and a bid’s information.
Modify bid information when editing a job.
Print bids.
Bid Create Edit Bid View Create new bids.
Edit and Copy existing bids.
Change the status of a bid to anything except approved or archived.
Bid Approve Bid Create Edit Change the status of an existing bid to approved so that it can be used to create a job.
Change the status of an existing bid to archived so it is no longer used.


Role Implied Role(s) Functionality
Job View All   View all jobs and the job’s details for any statuses.
Job Attachments   Add or delete attachments for a job (job, BHAs and field tickets).
Job Modify Data   Edit job information (BHAs, Field Tickets, Directional, Daily Activities and Well Paths).
Create and edit work orders for asset’s on job.
Create and edit shipments/tool orders for items on job.
Job Modify Job Attachments, Job Modify Data Create a new job from a bid, manually or copy from an existing job.
Editing existing job properties.
Create and edit well plans on a job.
View job audit history.
Realtime Dashboard Modify   Create or edit Realtime dashboards (if applicable for you system).


Role Implied Role(s) Functionality
User View   View personnel and details (non HR details) about personnel.
HR Hand Manage User View, Job View All Assign job schedulable personnel to a job and approve or modify their time sheet entries and corresponding pay entry.
HR Admin HR Hand Manage, User View View the pay rates for job schedulable positions and make modifications.
View the HR section and make modifications which include adding and removing roles.
Attach files to a personnel’s profile.
View personnel audit history.

Assets, Parts & Shipping

Role Implied Role(s) Functionality
Inventory View   View assets, asset details, work orders and parts.
Part Modify Inventory View Create and modify parts and their inventory levels.
Ship Receive Inventory View Create and complete new shipments to move assets and/or parts to different locations.
Edit or Un-complete “completed” shipments.
Create tool orders.
View shipping audit history.
Manage shipping templates.

Work Orders

The possible roles and corresponding actions they control for work orders are a Drakewell Configurable Item help . The default roles surrounding work orders and their functionality is listed below.

Role Implied Role(s) Functionality
Service Inventory View Start and complete new work orders.
Attach files to a work order.
Service Admin Service Create or copy new assets.
Cancel existing work orders.
Un-Cancel a “canceled” work order.


Role Implied Role(s) Functionality
Billing Item Types Modify Billing Item Types View Make modifications to the master billing item types tracked in the system.
Districts Modify Districts View Make modifications to the districts tracked in the system.
Drilling Company Modify Company View Make modifications to the drilling companies tracked in the system.
Engineering Company Modify Company View Make modifications to the engineering companies tracked in the system.
Logistics Company Modify Company View Make modifications to the logistics companies tracked in the system.
Manufacturer Modify Company View Make modifications to the manufacturers tracked in the system.
Operator Modify Company View Make modifications to the operators tracked in the system.
Play Modify Play View Make modifications to the plays tracked in the system.
Rigs Modify Rigs View Make modifications to the rigs tracked in the system.
System Configuration   Make modifications to the default content sections on a bid.
Make modifications to the home page content.
Vendor Modify Company View Make modifications to the vendors tracked in the system.


Role Implied Role(s) Functionality
Beta   Used in collaboration with the Drakewell team to view and provide feedback on new/future ideas.
Billing Item Types View   View the list of all available billing item types in the system.
Company View   View the list of all companies in the system.
Data Export   Download different information throughout the system in different formats for further analysis.
Districts View   View the list of all districts in the system.
Play View   View the list of all plays in the system.
Rig View   View the list of all rigs in the system.