Managing Personnel HR Information

The HR section for a user in the system allows you to modify their Employment Information that they have within Drakewell.

To view and edit hr information for a user, search for the user and then click on the HR tab within their account details.

Personnel HR

The Employment Section contains the information that describes the user’s role within the company such as Position, Employee Number, District and Employment History.

Employment Info

The possible options for Position, Level and Department are Drakewell Configurable Items help .

Activating and De-Activating Users

Granting or removing access to Drakewell for a particular user is handled through their Employment History. Rather than just having a simple “yes/no” option for each user that changes their account access, we use their current employment status to facilitate access.

Employment History Examples

Quickly see if a new hire was a previously an employee and the possible reason they were terminated.

Newly hired people can have their accounts created in the sytem before they start but their Hire Date can be set to automatically grant them access on their actual first day.

If an employee is going to be terminated at the end of the week, their Termination Date can be set before hand so that at the end of the week their access is automatically removed.