Creating and Editing Personnel

A new user can be created by going to the Personnel page under Personnel -> Personnel and clicking the Create New button in the top right portion of the page.

To edit an existing user, simply click the user’s name in the personnel list.

Personnel List

Account & Employment Information

These sections contains the account and employment information for a user. The Account Information section is where you setup their username and initial email and password help . The Employment Information is where you setup the information for their position/role in the company and their initial date of employment.

Personnel’s Username

Once the Username has been set for a user, it cannot be modified so make sure it is correct before saving the user’s initial profile.

Account Information

When editing an existing user’s account, the functionality and options are the same as if you were the actual user editing your own account.

Personnel Attachments

Files can be attached help to a user by clicking on the paperclick button in the top right of the page to add any additional pictures or documents.

When creating a new user, you will not be able to add an attachment until you have saved the user for the first time and the user has a username.