Managing Rigs

The Rigs available in the system can be viewed and managed under Managment -> Rigs in the top right navigation panel.


This list is sorted in alphabetical order by name.

Creating/Editing Rigs

To add a rig, click Create New in the top right side of the page.

To edit a rig, click on the rig name.

Editing Rigs

Each rig consists of a Name, Phone Number and Max Block Height. This information is visible on the Job Summary page if there is a need to get in contact with the rig.


You must have the Rig Modify role to be able to modify rigs.

Archiving Rigs

If a rig is no longer needed in the system, it can be archived help .

To Archive or UnArchive and item, search and select the item and then click Archive or UnArchive in the upper right section of the page.

Rig Audits

To view the Audit History help for all rigs, click on the Audit History link in the top right section of the Rigs List page.

What is Audited for Districts

  • When a rig has been modified.
  • If a rig has been modified, the specific information that was modified, including the previous and current values.

Rig Audits