Managing the Different Types of Parts

The different inventory parts that are entered can be viewed and managed under Managment -> Parts in the top right navigation panel.


This list is sorted in alphabetical order and shows the name, type and part number for each part entered.

Creating/Editing Parts

To add a part, click Create New in the top right side of the page.

To edit a part, click on the part name.

Editing Parts

When creating or editing a part, you can enter the following information.

  • Type
  • Name
  • Part Number
  • Consumable
  • Description

Different Between Part Type and Part Name

The Part Type and Name can be used interchangeably, but typically Type is a more general category for a part such as a lower bearing and the Name is a specific type of that category like 4.75” lower bearing.

What is a Consumable Part

A part that is Consumable is one that after it has been used a few times and becomes worn out or damaged, it cannot be repaired and is therefore just discarded. Parts that are not Consumable are ones that if they become damaged, can be repaired and then put back into service.


You must have the Part Modify role to be able to modify parts.

Archiving Parts

If a part is no longer needed in the system, it can be archived help .

To Archive or UnArchive and item, search and select the item and then click Archive or UnArchive in the upper right section of the page.

Part Audits

To view the Audit History help for all parts, click on the Audit History link in the top right section of the Parts List page.

What is Audited for a Parts

  • When a part has been modified.
  • If a part has been modified, the specific information that was modified, including the previous and current values.

Part Audits