Managing the Home Page Content

When users log on to the sytem they can be automatically redirected to a default home page that can be fully customized.

Home Page

Enabling the default home page for your users is a Drakewell Configurable Item help .

To edit the default home page content, click Managment -> Billing Item Types in the top right navigation panel.

The content of the home page is edited through a WYSIWYG editor and works very simliar to other word processing software. These editors allow to format and style text, add images or link to other websites.

Home Page

Home Page Content Examples:

  • Daily message to all emloyees.
  • Links to employee directories, manuals, email, etc.
  • Company logo and/or slogan.
Adding Images and Videos

If you want to add an image or video to your home page, it will need to be hosted somewhere that you can access it publicly via a url.


You must have the System Configuration role to be able to modify the home page content.