Managing the Different Types of Companies

The different companies that you interact with on a daily basis can be viewed and managed under Managment -> Companies in the top right navigation panel.


This list is sorted in alphabetical order and shows the name and type for each company entered. Currently the company types that are supported include the following.

  • Directional Companies
  • Engineering Companies
  • Logistics Companies
  • Manufacturers
  • Operators
  • Vendors

Creating/Editing a Company

When creating or editing a company, you can enter their basic identifying information and one or more addresses that are tied to the company. If the company is a vendor, then you can also specify a Vendor Type of either Repair or Rental.

To add a company, click Create New in the top right side of the page.

To edit a company, click on the company name.

Editing Companies

The Company Accounting Code

An Accounting Code can be recorded for each company in the system and can be useful for differernt scenarios. For example, if your system is setup to auto generate job numbers then a company’s Accounting Code can be used if you want the job number to include information about the customer such as an identifying abbreviation. This field could also be used for tracking and referencing this company’s identifying information in another system such as an accounting system, etc.

Creating a Bid from a Company

When viewing a specific company’s information, if needed a new bid can be created for this specific company without having to navigate to the bids section.

To create a bid for the customer you are viewing, click Create Bid in the top right side of the page.


For each company type, you will need to have the associated role to be able to make modifications to those companies.

Archiving Companies

If a company is no longer needed in the system, it can be archived help .

To Archive or UnArchive and item, search and select the item and then click Archive or UnArchive in the upper right section of the page.

Company Audits

To view the Audit History help for all companies, click on the Audit History link in the top right section of the Companies List page.

What is Audited for a Companies

  • When a company has been modified.
  • If a company has been modified, the specific information that was modified, including the previous and current values.

Company Audits