The Jobs List

The current list of jobs that have been entered into the system can be viewed under Jobs -> Job List in the top left navigation panel.

A new job can be created by clicking the green, Create New, button in the top right corner of the browser.

Jobs List

This list is sorted in ascending order by the job’s customer and job number. For each job listed, we show the following high-level information so that a job can be quickly identified without having to click on the job to view its detalis:

  • Job Name (displayed as Company - Well Name (Job Number))
  • Job Status
  • Billing Total
  • Job Type
  • Rig Name
  • Hole Sizes
  • Current Measured Depth (MD)
  • Current Planned Bottom Hole Location (PBHL)
  • Current Remaining Distance

Filtering the Job List

By default the jobs list is filtered to show all jobs with a status of either active or pending. The main Search filter let’s you search any detail of a job. It supports searching for a specific phrase by wrapping the search term in quotes (“) or wild card searches by prepending or appending an asterisks (*) to the search term. The search filter also searches through internal and external notes on the job, which can be helpful in certain scenarios.

There are also more specific sections that can be used to filter the jobs list:

  • Job Number
  • Status
  • Job Type
  • Customer
  • District
  • Play
  • State

After changes are made in any of the filter selections, clicking the green filter button will cause the list to filter according to the selections

Any searches that are performed frequently can be bookmarked help so that they can be quickly and easily accessed.

Search Filter Examples:

Below are some examples of advanced searching with the Search filter.

Jobs with a Measured Depth greater than 10,000 ft, enter: md:>3048

Jobs with a start date after a certain date, enter: start_date:>YYYY-MM-DD

Jobs with a start date before a certain date, enter: start_date:<YYYY-MM-DD

Jobs with a start date on or after a certain date, enter start_date:>=YYYY-MM-DD

Jobs with a start date after a certain date and an end date before a certain date, enter: start_date:>YYYY-MM-DD AND end_date:<YYYY-MM-DD

Jobs with a start date between certain dates, enter: start_date:>=YYYY-MM-DD AND start_date:<=YYYY-MM-DD

Jobs with a planned bottom hole location greater than 20,0000 ft, enter: pbhl:>6096. Since Drakewell stores data in metric units, the user will need to convert 20,000 ft to 6096 m

Jobs with a kick off point greater than 2,000 ft, enter: pbhl>:609.6

Jobs with a Measured Depth greater than 10,000 ft, enter: md:>3048

Jobs with a Hole Size of 8.75”, enter: hole_sizes.size:222.25

Jobs that have written in the notes section “motor failure,” enter: motor failure

When using the advanced search syntax to filter fora measurement value such as depths or sizes, the value you will need to query for will be the metric equivalent.

Jobs Export Options

Clicking the blue, Exports help button will show a list of available raw data files for export.

Jobs List

All export requests are emailed to the user’s email address associated with the Drakewell account that requests the export. Some exports will take longer to compile and deliver.

The email will have have one or both options for downloading the data results:

  • Download Excel File
  • Download Composite CSV File

The Excel workbook will contain all relevant information related to the particular export request, separated by sections in different worksheets. The CSV file will contain all relevant information related to the particular export request in a single file.

The following are the specific Jobs List export files available for download:

  • Export Jobs
  • Export Field Tickets
  • Export BHAs
  • Export Surveys
  • Export Slides/Rotates

Viewing a Specific Job

As a field hand, it can be helpful to review job information on previously drilled wells (e.g. while pad drilling, maybe a directional driller did not drill the 1H but is drilling the 4H and wants to view the 1H job information as a reference). If a user was not listed as part of the field personnel on the job, (s)he may not have access to view it. In this situation, the individual should contact a Coordinator or a Drakewell Administrator for support if not granted view rights. Ask them to add the specific field hand who needs permission to view the job to its list of personnel (in the previous example, that would be a request to be given view rights to the 1H well). This will give them the appropriate permissions to review the history.