The Job Timeline is a weekly calendar view which displays the progression of Billing, Measured Depth and Personnel assignments over time. Job Timeline

Adding Personnel

Click the Add Personnel button to start adding field personnel to the current job. Add Personnel Selecting a Position, Start Date, and End Date will cause the avaliable personnel to be displayed. Next to each name is that person’s level and the number of days, within the selected range, in which they are available. The In District checkbox will filter the Available Personnel to only show those avaliable within the current district.

Personnel Availability

Use a person’s individual calendar to resolve potential scheduling conflicts easily. Clicking on the name of personnel assigned to the current job will display their individual utilization calendar. Click here for more details..

Changing Personnel Schedules

To manage the schedules of the personnel assigned to a job, click the Change Schedules button on the Job Timeline screen. Alternatively it is possible to navigate directly to a particular person’s scheduled time for the current job by clicking the Edit button next to their name. Change Schedule Changing a person’s scheduled days on the current job is as easy as selecting their name from the list and modifying their Start and End dates.