For jobs that include directional work, one or more polylines can be added to assist the drilling process and help field personnel stay within specified boundaries. These polylines can be used to represent hard lines, lease lines, target windows or other types of boundaries.

To view the polyline(s) for a job, select Well Plan Data tab on the job you are working with and then select Polylines.


All polylines that have been associated with this job will be listed out alphabetically and display the following information.

  • Polyline Name
  • Color (used when displaying the polyline on the plots)
  • Notes
  • Polyline Coordinates

To view the individual coordinates for a specific polyline, click the View Coordinates button.

Polyline Coordinates

Creating a Polyline

New polylines are setup for a job by completing the Add Polyline form where basic identification information is entered and the polyline’s coordinates are entered or uploaded.

For the system to accurately import the polyline coordinate data, the data/file must be in the following format.

  • Drakewell’s polyline-imperial-template.csv or polyline-metric-template.csv file. These are the default data files used by the system to export and import polyline coordinate data.

    A blank version of these templates in the job’s selected Measurement System can be downloaded by clicking the Download Template link in the Add Polyline section or clicking here for the imperial version and here for the metric version.

  • Polyline coordinate data help from COMPASS™.

To enter the polyline coordinate data, either pasted it directly into the text field below the Upload button or paste the coordinate into a text file and upload it.

Polyline Coordinates Data

Editing or Deleting a Polyline

Existing polyline information can be modified as needed.

To edit a polyline or its coordinate data, click the Edit button for ployline you want to modify.

Polylines can also be deleted if needed, however once this data has been deleted from the system it cannot be recovered and will need to be manually entered or uploaded again.

To delete a polyline, click the trash icon button for the polyline you want to delete.