The 2D Plot

Plot ## Viewing the Plot

The Plot page shows the traditional 2D view of the well. The page is split up into the Vertical Section view and the Horizontal Section view. The Vertical Section Plane Azimuth can be changed either by typing directly into the textbox above the Vertical Section view or by using the slider next to the textbox.

Filtering the Plot

The Plot can be customized to show any combination of the avaliable well paths and plans. The Filters dropdown allows for this customization and serves as the legend to show which color is associated with each plan or path on the plot.

The 3D Plot

Plot The 3D Plot provides a 3D visulization of the well bore along with any avaliable well plans. ## Traveling the 3D plot The Travel Along dropdown is where a path (well path, well plan, or Anti-collision path) can be selected to be the viewpoint for navigating in the 3D view. Below that dropdown is a slider. Moving this slider or using the arrow buttons to either side of it will move the view along the selected path one survey at a time.

The survey that corresponds to the current view is show in the Survey section. Current Anti Collison Distances are displayed below that. The Anti Collision Paths can be Shown or removed from the plot using the Show on Plot checkbox.