Viewing Job Inventory

Each job contains a current list of all the inventory (assets and rig items) that currently is or was available on location.

To view all job inventory, click the Inventory (All) tab.

The job inventory section shows all inventory on location and is used to identify what tools are on location, any work orders originating at the job, and any shipments that are inbound or outbound from the job’s location.

Job Inventory List

Inventory List

The Inventory List section displays all the assets and inventory that are currently are or were at some point on location. Assets shown are grouped by department and show the serial number, current status and other basic information. Other Inventory (Rig Items) shown are grouped by type and show the serial number and basic information as well. For both assets and other inventory, the details that are shown for each are Drakewell Configurable Items help .

To view all job inventory currently on location, click the On Location button.

To view all job inventory that was ever on location at some point, click the History button.

Quick Shipping Job Inventory

Inventory that is on job can be quickly shipped away to other locations without having to navigate to the shipping section of the system and create the shipment from scratch.

To quickly add job inventory to a new shipment, click the Add to Shipment button for the inventory item(s) you want to ship and then click the Ship Selected Inventory to create the shipment.

Inventory List

Work Orders List

The Work Orders List section displays all asset work orders that need to be performed by personnel on location. These work orders are grouped by their status and with the appropriate roles, new work orders can be created for any assets that are on location.

To create a new work order for an asset on location, click the Create Work Order button.

Creating Job Specific Work Orders

When a work order is created by field personnel on location, the work order can only be successfully saved or completed if the following criteria is met.

  • The asset’s current location is the job.
  • The asset’s current status allows the work order to be performed on it.

Job Specific Work Orders

Examples of job specific work orders that personnel on location would need to create would be strapping work orders, motor bend angle adjustments or on location swaps of asset components such as stabilizer sleeves.

Work Orders List

Shipments List

The Shipments List section displays all shipments that involve the job’s location and are grouped by the shipment statuses and whether the shipment is Inbound (the shipment’s To location is set to the job) or Outbound (the shipment’s From location is set to the job).

  • Shipments with a Preparing To Ship status have been created but the shipment hasn’t actually been shipped yet.
  • Shipments with a Shipped status have been created and the shipment has been marked as shipped.
  • Shipments with a Received status have been created and the shipment has been marked as received.

Shipments List