Creating a Field Ticket

Field Ticket Use the Field Tickets screen to construct field tickets for any day that the job was in progress.

Adding/Removing days to a job

The easiest way to add a single day to a job is by clicking the Add Day button. The Add Day button can be found after the last day of the job on the daily timeline. To add multiple days to a Job or to remove days from a job click on the Edit link next to Est. End Date. Here the date can be set forward or back to add or remove the appropriate number of days.

Adding items to a Field Ticket

Use the Billing Items section to add items to a Field Ticket. Daily Items can be added indvidually by clicking the “plus” button beside each item. Alternatively to add all daily items at once click on the Add All button.

To add items that are not in the Daily Items list, use the Search For Additional Billing Items dropdown list.

Completing a Field Ticket

The field ticket can be completed from field ticket section of the page. Notice that the Billing Total is displayed in the title bar for this section and updates as the ticket is changed. Displayed at the bottom of this section is a list of all items that have been added to the ticket. Enter the correct QTY and verify that the QTY Type and Rate are correct for each item. To remove an item from the ticket click on it’s trash can icon along it’s right side. Items on the ticket can be rearrranged by dragging and dropping them to obtain the desired order. To finalize the ticket set the apropriate Status in the Status dropdown.