Directional and MWD Activities

While the Directional Activities and MWD Activities each have their own page in Drakewell, those pages are very similar. Daily Activities ## Navigating Daily Activities Near the top of the page is the day navigation. Select any day from the job and the activities from that day will be displayed below. At the end of the job timeline is the Add Day button. Alternately days can be added using the Edit link that appears after the Est. End Date.

Adding and Editing Activities

Activites can be added using the Activity button. Choose the appropriate Activity Type and fill in the start and end information along with the Activity Type specific fields.

An Add Activity button will be displayed in the daily activity list if there are any points in the timeline that are missing activities.

Selecting the Activity description of any activity will open the edit screen for that activity.

Daily Activity Report

Generate a Daily Activity report using the Report button from the upper right hand corner of the page. Use the Start Date and End Date to set the date range for the report.