Creating & Editing a Job

A new job can be created either by utilizing an existing Bid or from entering the job information from scratch.

Creating a Job From a Bid

This is the easiest and preferred method to create a new job. Click here for more details.

Creating a Job From Scratch

To create a new job, start by clicking Jobs in the top navigation menu and then select Job List. Once the Job List is displayed, click on the green Create New button in the upper right hand corner of the screen.

Bid Info

The first step in creating a new job is entering the bid information. Entering a combination of data from any of the avaliable fields will let you filter the bids avaliable in the bid list. If there is not a bid matching the filter criteria, the job can still be started just by entering the required data in the following sections. Create Job

Job Summary & Well Information

This section contains the information that is used to describe a job. The fields with names followed by an *, are required to start a job. New Job

Billing Items

The billing items is a list of the individual things, split up into either Primary or Secondary, that you would want to track on the job’s field ticket and bill the customer. Items that fall under Primary are printed in their own section on the bid and if their rate type is per day, they show up in the Daily Items section when creating a daily field ticket for a job. Secondary items also printed in their own section on a bid and can be added to a field ticket via a drop down menu.

Billing Items

To add a new billing item to a bid, choose the Billing Item Type you want to add from the drop down list at the bottom of the Billing Items seciton. After selecting the item, the Default Rate and any customer or play rate overrides that have been set for the specific customer and play that were entered under the bid’s Basic Information section will be displayed.

If the billing item type you want to add isn’t listed, you can manually type into the drop down this new item and then click Add new item. This will bring up a new billing item type form where you can specifiy the Qty Type, Rate and list out any items (seperated by a semi-colon “;”) that are included if it is a bundled package.

New Billing Item Type

To edit an existing billing item on a bid, click on the green pencil icon on the right side of item. From here you can change the Qty Type, Rate or bundled items (seperated by a semi-colon “;”).

Edit Billing Item Type

Billing Item Modifications

Any billing item additions and modifications will only affect the current job you are working on and these updates will not be available on any other jobs created from this bid.

Billing Item Rates

To handle different scenarios, a billing item rate can be either a numeric amount such as 950 or a text rate such as “Market Rate”, “Replacement Cost” or “TBD”. When setting a rate, if the value is numeric (meaning a number with only a period if needed for decimal places) then that value will be added to the field ticket’s unit and total cost. If the value isn’t numeric, the billing item will show up on the field ticket report but its rate with not be added to the Unit Cost and Total Cost fields.