Working With Tool Orders

Tool orders are treated as a special type of shipment in the system because they are basically a request for tools from a vendor to be used on a job. Once a tool order has been fullfilled, they need to be shipped from the vendor to a job so it makes sense to just treat it like a shipment.

Creating a tool order is done the same way a normal shipment would be created. A From and To location are set and a Logistics Company can be chosen. The only difference is that instead of adding shipment items that are specific assets (i.e. choosing serial numbers) to the shipment; you would add the asset types you are needing for the job.

Tool Order

Using Shipping Templates for Tool Order Templates

If there is a common set of tools/specifications that are frequently being used for job tool orders, it would be a good idea to take that tool order and create a Shipping Template for it. Doing this allows you to quickly add a predefined set of assets needed on a tool order shipment without having to manually specify each one’s properties every time you need to create a new tool order.