Working With Parts

The current list of all parts that have been entered into the system can be viewed under Inventory -> Part Tracking in the top left navigation panel.

To view the distribution of a specific part at all known locations within the system, enter the items Part Number.

Part Tracking

When a part is selected, the following details of the part are shown on the left hand side.

  • Type
  • Name
  • Consumable
  • Description

Different Between Part Type and Part Name

The Part Type and Name can be used interchangeably, but typically Type is a more general category for a part such as a lower bearing and the Name is a specific type of that category like 4.75” lower bearing.

What is a Consumable Part

A part that is Consumable is one that after it has been used a few times and becomes worn out or damaged, it cannot be repaired and is therefore just discarded. Parts that are not Consumable are ones that if they become damaged, can be repaired and then put back into service.

Adjusting Part Quantities

The inventory levels for a part can be adjusted as needed by doing a part quantity adjustment.

To adjust the inventory for a part, click Part Quantity Adjustment in the upper right side of the page.

Part Quantity Adjustment

When making a part inventory adjustment, you will need to select the location that you are changing the inventory at and how many you are either adding or removing to inventory.

To decrease the amount of inventory at a location, enter in a negative Quantity Adjustment.

How Quantity Adjustments Work

When making a quantity adjustment for a part, the value entered in the Quantity Adjustment field is how much the current inventory levels will be adjusted by.

So for example if the Oklahoma City district currently has 100 count of 4.75” lower bearings and you do a quantity adjustment of 25, then its new inventory level for that part is 125.