Viewing MTBI

The calculated Mean Time Between Incident (MTBI) for all items (assets and rig items) that has been added to a BHA can be viewed under Inventory -> MTBI in the top left navigation panel.


This list shows every item that was placed on a BHA (assets and rig items); if it was marked as having an incident on a BHA, then it will be highlighted in red. It is sorted in ascending order by the BHA’s Date/Time In and for each item listed, we show the following high-level information so that an item can be quickly identified without having to click on the asset or BHA to view it:

  • BHA Item Serial Number (asset or rig item)
  • BHA Item Type (asset or rig item)
  • Incident
  • Last BHA and Job Number
  • BHA Date In
  • BHA Date Out
  • BHA Depth In
  • BHA Depth Out
  • Hours
  • Last Job County
  • Last Job Customer
  • Last Job District

MTBI List Item

Filtering The MTBI List

By default this list will show all BHA items for the current month but by using the available search filters, you can find BHA items based off different criteria.

The main Search filter let’s you search details of an asset or rig item. It also supports searching for a specific phrase by wrapping the search term in quotes (“) or wild card searches by prepending or appending an asterisks (*) to the search term.

To see only BHA items that were marked with an incident, select Incident Only in the upper right side of the page.

How MTBI is Calculated

The MTBI value is determined by taking the taking the sum all Hours ( BHA Run Hours help ) for every BHA item that is returned in the filter and then divide that total hours by the number of incidents that occurred.