Viewing Assets that are Missing

Any assets that get marked as missing because they disappeared on a job, are no longer in the shop or where shipped to a location but didn’t arrive can be viewed under Inventory -> Missing Assets in the top left navigation panel.

Missing assets can also be viewed on the Asset List and by setting the Current Status to only show Missing.

Missing Assets

For each missing asset listed, we show the following high-level information so that an asset can be quickly identified without having to click on the asset to view its details:

  • Asset Type
  • Current Location (last known)
  • Length (if applicable)
  • Life Hours
  • Part Number
  • Serial Number
  • Service Hours
  • Shipment Reference #
  • Size
  • Status

Filtering The Missing Asset List

By default this list will show all missing assets but by using the available search filters, you can narrow down the missing assets based off different criteria.

The Loction Name filter shows the last known location for every missing asset and behind each location is a number in parenthesis that indicates how many assets have went missing with this as their last known place.

Missing Assets

Reconciling Missing Assets

When a missing asset or assets are found, they can be reconciled by selecting the appropriate Condition and then marking them as reconciled.

  • If an asset’s condition was marked as Scrap, then an open Retirement work order will be automatically generated for the asset at the location selected in the Location Switcher and will need to be completed.

  • If an asset’s condition was marked as Ok, then the asset’s current status will be set to “In Inventory” at the location selected in the Location Switcher help .

To reconcile a missing asset or assets, select the Condition for the asset(s) and the click Reconcile Missing Assets at the top right side of the page.

Reconcile Missing Assets