Creating Assets

A new asset that needs to be tracked can be created by going to the Assets page under Inventory -> Assets and clicking the Create Asset button in the top right portion of the page.

To create a new asset, select the asset type from the available options listed when clicking Create Asset.

Inventory List

Available Asset Types

When creating a new asset, the available asset types that are listed are Drakewell Configurable Items help and can be adjusted to reflect the types of assets you would to keep track of.

Adding a New Asset

A new asset is added to the system through an Initialization Work Order for the asset’s type. This is a special type of work order and once completed, tells the system that you want to start tracking the asset.

Initialization Work Order

For every asset that is added, there is a core set of information that needs to be captured in order to accurately track an asset. This currently includes the following items.

In addition to the core information, an asset’s initialization work order can be setup and configured to record any extra data that you would like to know for specific asset types because it is still just a work order.

Examples of Different Types Information to Track on Assets

Recording Top Connection and Bottom Connection types on Crossover Subs.

Recording Size and Length on Collars and Subs.

Recording Temperature Rating on mwd assets like Batteries, Pulsers and Gammas.

Recording Operating System, Software Version and Firmware Version on surface computers.

Asset Serial Numbers

Once an asset’s serial number has been set on its initialization work order it cannot be modified again, even if you Un-complete the work order, so make sure this information is correct before saving the work order.