Copying a Bid

When creating a new bid, rather than starting from scratch everytime, you can take an existing bid and make a copy of it. Any type of bid can be copied regardless of its status.

To copy a bid click on the Copy Bid button on the top right of the page.

Copy a Bid

After clicking Copy Bid, you will be redirected to the new bid with the following information will be copied over from the original bid:

  • Customer
  • District
  • Job Type
  • Play
  • Salesman
  • Operator
  • Bid Tags
  • Billing Items
  • Message to Customer
  • Rate Package
  • Health & Safety
  • Terms & Condiditions
  • Internal Notes

After a copied bid will is saved, it will automatically be given a Pending status.

Why You Would Want to Copy a Bid

If the majority of your bids are very similar and have the same basic bid information (except customer), billing items and content. Copying a bid allows you to only have change the customer for each new bid.

If you want to change your rates for a customer for new jobs but want to keep everything else on the bid the same. After copying the bid, you would just need to go through the billing items that were brought over from the original bid and just change rates.