Viewing Job Assets

Asset List The Assets tab displays the list of Assets that have been assigned to the current Job.

Asset List

The Asset List is broken down in to categories. The Asset List by default, is filtered to show only the Assets Currently on Job but the dropdown in the top left hand corner can be used to show All Asset History.

Creating a Shipment

Shipment The Asset List can be used to move tools from the job to where ever they need to go. To create a shipment, click the Add To Shipment button next to each asset that needs to be shipped. If an asset was clicked by mistake, the Remove from Shipment button can be used to deselect that Asset.

To intiate the shipment, click Create Shipment with the appropriate assets selected. Next a ship to location must be selected. Potential locations can be searched by Location Name and/or filtered by Location Type.

On the New Shipment screen, select the Logistics Company and enter any applicable Reference #. If the shipment requires specific Shipping Notes those can entered in the Shipping Notes field.

The assets that were previously selected will be listed below. To ship those assets simply click on the Ship button next to each one. If for any reason an asset needs to be held before it’s shipped click on the Hold button.

If additional assets need to be added to the shipment use the Add Assets or Placeholders section to do so. Here assets can be searched for by Serial #, Asset Type or Part #.

Once the assets are properly selected to be shipped, click the Save & Ship Marked Items button. Alternatively, if the progess on this needs to be saved before it’s time to ship the Assets, click the Save button to do so.